Totally Sketchy is a web-based sitcom, set in San Francisco and is shot in the style of a fly-on-the-wall documentary, chronicling the misadventures of an up-and-coming comedy group and its founders, Peter Wallace and Brad Hacker. The two co-starred in "The Struggling Misfits" a TV sitcom about 2 wealthy, young kids that are left with their Nanny after their parents died.

"The Struggling Misfits" ran for 5 successful years until scandal hit the set and NBC canceled their show. Now, 25 years after an epic meltdown that ended the show and their friendship, Brad seeks out Peter and tries to "rekindle their old mojo" by putting a comedy group together. It'll be "just for kicks," Brad assures him. Unbeknownst to Peter, though, Brad has much bigger plans in mind for the show and for himself.

The only problem is Peter now has an MBA and Brad went on to make B Movies, date washed up models and make albums with his band "The Tremendous Erections". His movie"The First Temptation Of God" was widely panned as "A Waste Of Time" {LA Times}. And the Vatican called it "too preachy".

The pilot episode (Daddy He's Dead) opens with an interview of Peter and Brad, shot in a documentary, VH-1 Where Are They Now?, style. The interview delves into their sordid history, the mayhem of "The Struggling Misfits" years, and their current attempt at a comedy comeback. Intercut with the interview are flashbacks wherein we see the broke and desperate Brad track down a reluctant Peter and try to convince him to give it one more shot. Level-headed Peter's been burned by the reckless Brad many times before, but his resistance starts to falter when Brad plays his ace card: Peter will be the show's director.

In subsequent episodes of Totally Sketchy, as Brad sucks Peter further into his schemes, they have to survive a rag-tag, co-dependent company of actors, a shifty con man, disastrous love affairs and each other just to produce their first show.

Totally Sketchy speaks to universal themes that have appeal for a broad audience: the desire for fame, the impulse to re-connect with old friends and correct old mistakes, and the ever-burning creative fire lurking within even the most buttoned-down office worker. And of course, the often hilarious struggle to recapture the unstoppable mojo of one's youth.

Created and conceived by Paco Romane